New Basic Cleat Mounts Temporarily, Without Drilling

New Basic Cleat Mounts Temporarily, Without Drilling Jul 25, 2022
Cleat Mounts

Cleat Mounts Temporarily

Without Drilling

There’s often a need to tie off a line or attach a piece of gear where there isn’t a dedicated fitting nearby.

Many boat owners use an antenna mount or bimini tube as a substitute and instantly regret their decision when it begins to fail. With the new Basic Cleat or Stainless Steel D-Ring from SeaSucker, it’s easy to create a temporary attachment point in the cockpit, on deck or even on the side of the hull without drilling holes in the boat.

Made in the USA with UV-resistant materials and stainless steel hardware, the Basic Cleat uses SeaSucker’s innovative Vacuum Mount. Unlike a mere suction cup, the device maintains its holding power for days by simply pumping its power button.

The 4.5″ version secures 120 lbs. to any clean, non-porous surface while the 6″ cleat offers 210 lbs. of strength. The rugged polymer cleat is sized for lines up to 5/8″.

Also available in 4.5″ and 6″ models with the same holding strength, the SeaSucker Stainless Steel D-Ring is offered in two versions to accommodate knots and snap fittings.

Straps work well with the flat-topped ring, while the pointed ring helps with centering a line or attachment.

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