Canadian Electric Bruce 22 E

Canadian Electric Bruce 22 E May 18, 2017
The all electric powered Canadian Electric Bruce 22 E

Boat Test #1418

About 15 years ago, Ian Bruce was asked by a close friend of his, Ward McKimm, to design a modern, easier-to-live-with version of McKimm’s beloved 1945 Myles Jeffrey 22 foot wooden launch. As per his friend’s request, Bruce remained very faithful to the overall design of the original wooden launch, but his modern version is greatly enhanced. It offers much better performance and requires much less upkeep since it is essentially made of fiberglass. The redesigned hull, the deck and the stringer system are all made of ’glass. The only wood is there to visually knock your socks off, in places like the dash, the seat bases, the engine box, the flooring and the spectacular mahogany decking.
Originally mated to a good’ol Mercury 4.3 V6 gas engine, the Bruce 22 is still available with a modern 200 hp 4.5 L Merc inboard turning the prop. But it is also offered with a full-electric power train. From a practical point of view, using the Bruce 22 as the basis for an electric boat actually makes a lot of sense. Since the boat features an inboard design, it is much simpler to hook an electric motor to the shaft drive than it would be with, say an I/O setup. The Bruce 22 E is powered by a UQM Powerphase Pro 100 electric motor. Peak power is given at 100 kW/h, with 60 kW/h continuous, at 400 V.


LOA: 22′ / 6.7 m

Beam: 6’ 6” / 2.08 m

Draft: 18″/.045M

Capacity: 7

Propulsion: Electric

Torque: 258 ft-lbs

For More Information
Canadian Electric Boat Co.
440 Rue Guindon
Saint- Eustache, QC. J7R 6Z9
With the rheostat pegged, the electric-powered Bruce can reach a top speed of around 40 mph. When you consider that electric motors are renowned for delivering high torque numbers almost instantly, that top speed gives a good indication of how hard the Bruce 22 E can pull on full charge. The steering is a little bit stiffer than what a new bowrider owner is used to, but on a boat like the Bruce 22, that’s actually part of the charm.
In case you’re wondering, the electric Bruce 22 costs about $34,000 more than the gas version. So it’ll take you a while to break even relative to fuel cost. But hey, nobody really buys a Bruce 22 E to save money. You buy one to make a statement. It’s not as silky-techno as a Tesla, but it’s just as cool.

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