2022 Centurion Ri265

2022 Centurion Ri265 Jun 10, 2022

Big and Fierce.

Boat Test #1767
By: Timmy McNamee

Bigger is always better, RIGHT? In the case of the all new Centurion Ri265 – that answer is a solid “YES”. This 26’ v-drive delivers accordingly to its size, and is sure to compliment a comfortable, fun, and stress-free day of activities on the water!

As Centurion’s flagship model, the Ri265 has been recognized for generating some of the biggest and perfected wakes and waves in the industry. The transom mounted “QuickSurf Pro” plates, stinger wake plate, completed with seven ballast locations throughout the boat equaling a whopping 5,850 lbs of ballast give the Ri265 incredible performance for its size. A spacious feel and walk through with a deep, comfortable feel can be experience throughout the bow and cockpit of the Ri265. Hinged seating makes storage convenient and accessible leaving a feeling of comfort even with a full crew. At the transom, the comfort and luxury extend with the option of removable seat backs on the rear lounge seats.

The most intriguing and eye-catching feature of the Ri265 is the all new “Revo Side-by-side” system. This gorgeous billet aluminum accented touch screen helm features two generously sized display screens offering all of the Ri265’s settings, wave, ballast, and plate settings. Along with the ease in ability to navigate through interior lighting, music, vitals, and everything you need to know, or have in front of you while enjoying your day on the lake.

If that alone isn’t enough to pique your interest, the most practical yet exclusive feature to the Ri265’s system is the “fuel flow and range data”. That’s right, everything from trip details, fuel consumption, and the ability to monitor your fuel system while towing or just cruising makes the perfect feature providing peace of mind, especially for open water boats.

The Ri265 is head turning both on and off the water. Taking its customization and attunable waves, wakes, and features to the max, the Ri265 delivers bang for your buck in the 26’ v-drive tow boat class.


LOA: 26’6
Beam: 102”
Dry Weight:  6,400 lbs
Capacity: 18 persons
Fuel:  348 L
Dead Rise:  N/A

MSRP: $200,000 USD

For more information: www.centurionboats.com

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