Stingray 191 LX

Stingray 191 LX Jun 4, 2013
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The outboard family grows.
By Brad Roberts
Stingray 191 LX

This is the second year in a row that Stingray will have outboard powered boats in their lineup after being absent since 1997. For 2013, they expand their outboard family by adding a younger brother to the three new models introduced last season.
The 191 LX is a garage-able, and towable by nearly any vehicle out there, outboard family bowrider done up Stingray style. I say that because this isn’t your basic entry level stripped-down smallest model that some manufacturers might offer. Nope, not Stingray Boats. President Al Fink doesn’t believe in doing things that way.
The 191 LX is based on the very same patented Z-plane hull that all their boats ride on. Admittedly, Stingray tweeked it a little last year to accommodate the outboard engine. They extended the deck aft on either side of the outboard to almost the back of the cowl, and supported it with a full hull that also extends out beyond what is the effective transom of the boat. It’s still amazingly fast to plane and so wonderfully responsive to even the slightest input from the helm. Don’t forget to choose your in-gel colours: blue, platinum, red or titanium.
The cockpit features a full fiberglass liner, not merely a capped deck, that’s secured to the hull with stainless screws through a generous rub rail with a stainless steel insert. Injected foam in between makes for one of the quietest rides I’ve even taken in a small runabout. There’s no walk though transom, so the stern bench seat runs the full beam and provides seating for four kids or three adults comfortably. I like the grab handles conveniently placed for those in the stern seat. Twin companion and captain’s mid-back bucket chairs are full upholstered with pockets in the back to keep the charts or chamois handy. Up front, through the walk through windshield, the bow seat bases provide room for two adults and are a full 15 inches below the gunwale, plus there’s a full length stainless grab rail. Let’s not miss that the windshield still includes those wonderful and ever so useful side vents!
While there’s no anchor locker up front, there is plenty of room under the seats for your anchor and rode. There’s more storage in the floor underneath an oversized door, and even more under and behind the stern seat. Open storage in the sides provides easy access to the things you need readily at hand.
Options wise, I’d suggest the fish and ski package so that you can do everything you’d ever want to with this bowrider. Power wise, Stingray specs a 115hp outboard which in my experience will provide plenty of pull for skiers and tubing, plus great cruising fuel economy for everyday family activities.
I’d like to see Stingray make one modification: add a sunpad. What? A sunpad on an outboard boat? It’s possible. Take a look at the photo above and you’ll see that there is space between the stern seat back and the front of the engine cowl. Just add a removable piece of king starboard to fill in the motor well when the engine is tipped down, and a removable cushion the length of the beam and you’d have a great spot for mom to worship the sun while Dad and the kids tempted the fish!
Overall, while the 191LX might be Stingray’s entry level outboard size wise, it is far from stripped-down quality and feature wise. Add it to your list to water test at a dealer near you.


Length: 19’ 3” / 5.9 m
Beam: 91” / 2.31 m
Weight: 2100 lbs / 954 kgs
Fuel: 34 gal / 129 L
Capacity: 8 people

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