Yamaha GP1800R HO

Yamaha GP1800R HO Feb 25, 2020

Boat Test #1603
By Brad Roberts

New for the 2020 riding season, Yamaha’s GP1800R HO is one of two Waverunners in their Performance line. There are a dozen other Waverunners to choose from for next season spread over the luxury, recreation and rec-lite lines, and all feature Yamaha’s signature tell-tale Visibility Spout®  that doubles as a safety device so riders can be seen easily.

At 130.6” long, the GP1800R HO is a large machine, easily capable of carrying 3 adults, yet it comes in under 740 kgs thanks to Yamaha’s second-generation NanoXel2 hull and deck which is both lightweight and strong. The hull is shaped into a stepper draft v-hull, and features a bow spray guard (that works well!), and rear sponsons for both secondary stability at rest and straight line comfort while cruising – especially with 2 or 3 riders. At speed, the whole watercraft runs on the large aft ride plate that spans nearly half the beam and will keep you glued to the water in all conditions.

The GP1800R HO’s performance begins at the race-inspired water intake grate, and is delivered out the aft jet, that you control with the electronic trim, via the 155mm hyper-flow jet pump propulsion system with a 3-Blade, 14.9” pitch stainless steel impeller.  All of which is powered by the largest displacement engine on the market – Yamaha’s 4-cylinder, 4-stroke, 1.8 Litre (1,812 cc) High Output water-cooled marine engine that runs quietly at idle, and at a pleasingly powerful engine sound at top speed. And if you get thrown off – which if you don’t, you’re not riding this performance watercraft hard enough – the handy flip-down reboarding step at the stern makes it easy to get back aboard.

Storage wise, you’ll find a forward compartment offering 92.3L of space, plus the glovebox. I like the intuitive nature of the dual handlebar throttle controls that Yamaha calls RiDE (reverse intuitive decoration electronics) similar to a bike with handle brakes ti works well. 

The GP1800R HO is a light and powerful competition-oriented fun ride.


Length: 122.8” / 3.12 m
Beam: 46.5” / 1.18 m
Fuel Capacity 13.6 gal. / 62 L
Weight 844 lbs / 383 kg
Rider Capacity: Three
Engine: 1,498 cc Four-stroke, DOHC, four valves per cylinder, four-cylinder inline
MSRP: $14,699 CDN

For more information: www.yamaha-motor.ca