Tragedy Strikes Baltimore: Key Bridge Collapse

Tragedy Strikes Baltimore: Key Bridge Collapse Mar 26, 2024
Bridge in Baltimore

In the dead of night, tragedy struck Baltimore as the Francis Scott Key Bridge, a critical artery for East Coast shipping, collapsed into the Patapsco River following a collision with a large cargo ship. The incident unfolded around 1:30 a.m. on March, 24th when the 948-foot Dali container ship struck the bridge as it departed from the Port of Baltimore. The catastrophic event was captured on video, showing the bridge collapsing in mere seconds after the vessel collided with one of its supporting structures, sending vehicles plunging into the frigid waters below. Why the Baltimore Bridge Collapsed so Quickly | WIRED

Amidst the chaos, a search and rescue operation ensued to locate at least six construction workers who were feared to have been on the bridge during the collapse. Two individuals were successfully rescued, but concerns lingered for the safety of the remaining missing workers. Sonar technology was deployed to detect submerged vehicles in the river, further complicating rescue efforts in the chilly eight-degree waters.

Authorities revealed that the crew of the Dali had issued a “mayday” call prior to the collision, signalling a power issue onboard the vessel. Reports indicate that the ship’s propulsion system failed, leading to a loss of control as it approached the bridge. While investigations are ongoing, initial assessments suggest that the incident was accidental, with no evidence of foul play.

In the aftermath of the collapse, both federal and state responses were swift. United States President Joe Biden expressed solidarity with the affected community, pledging federal support to rebuild the bridge and assist in rescue and recovery efforts. Maryland Governor Wes Moore declared a state of emergency, mobilizing resources to address the crisis and expedite the restoration of vital transportation infrastructure.

Casualties feared as Baltimore's Francis Scott Key Bridge collapses | transport News | Al Jazeera

As the search for answers continues, questions loom over the circumstances surrounding the collision and the safety protocols in place to prevent such tragedies. The Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse serves as a stark reminder of the inherent risks associated with maritime navigation and infrastructure maintenance.

As the city grapples with the aftermath of this devastating event, communities unite in support of those affected, offering prayers and assistance to navigate through the challenging days ahead.

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