The Absolute Best Fishing Lures

The Absolute Best Fishing Lures Nov 29, 2022
Fishing lures - Largemouth Bass

With more than two million lakes and rivers, Canada is one of the most fantastic places in the world to fish. This popular activity is a great way to escape technology, connect with nature, and reconnect with family and friends.

There are 9 million anglers in Canada. The most popular questions asked when I talk to many of them are about the types of lures used to catch the different species.

I have compiled a selection of high-performance fishing gear and fishing lures to help anglers catch the six most popular fish.

Fishing lures - Speckled TroutSpeckled trout:

  1. Williams Wabler with a leader and a small Mister Twister Tail
  2. Lake Clear Wabbler with a leader and earthworm
  3. Jigging a 1 ¾” Vie Shiner or with a leader behind a spoon
  4. Small Mepps spinners in sizes zero and one
  5. Geneva Spoon with a leader and earthworm
  6. Wabler Lite W55 with a leader and earthworm or Mooselook Midget 112
  7. Rebel Tracdown Ghost Minnow TD47
  8. Bobby Garland Baby Shad 1.5” with a Crappie Pro Mo’ Glo Jig
  9. Flasher F1 or F2 with a leader and earthworm
  10. Toronto Wobbler with a leader and earthworm

Speckled trout:

Rod:   Vapor PT VPS6842XF– Length: 6’8” – Action: Medium – 2 Pieces

Reel:   Quantum Vapor 25SZ – VP25XPT

Fishing line:   P-Line Copolymer C21 8 pound/test with a P-Line Fluoroclear 6 pound/test leader

Fishing lures - WalleyeWalleye:

  1. 4” Double Tail Grub with a lead head
  2. Bucktail Jig from Mepps
  3. Lindy Lil’Guy worm harness with Lindy No-Snagg Slip Sinker and 6” Night Crawler
  4. Bandit Generator crankbait
  5. Lindy Glow Streak vertical jig
  6. 3” Sassy Shad
  7. Cotton Cordell Gold Perch Wally Diver
  8. 3.5” YUM Pulse on a jig head
  9. 3” Mister Twister Meeny on a jig head
  10. Freediver from Salmo


Rod:   Smoke SMS6105XF– Length: 6’10” Action:   Med-heavy – 2 Pieces

Reel:   Smoke X 25XPT – SM25XPT

Fishing line:   P-Line CXX X-TRA STRONG 8 pound/test or P-Line Spin X Braid 12 pound/test with Fluorocarbon leader

Fishing lures - PikePike:

  1. ½ oz Booyah Pikee Spinnerbait
  2. Rebel Buzz’n Frog
  3. Heddon Crazy Crawler
  4. Creek Chub Jointed Pikie
  5. Mepps Aglia Tandem
  6. Arbogast Buzz Plug
  7. S3 Syclops Spoon
  8. C70 & C90 Whitefish spoon in new colours
  9. Canoe Wobbler spoon
  10. W60 & W70 Williams Wabler spoon in new colours


Rod:   Vapor VPS7252XF – Length: 7’2” – Action:   Med/Heavy – 2 Pieces

Fishing line:   Smoke PT SM30XPT

Fishing line:   P-Line CXX X-TRA STRONG 15 pound/test or P-Line X-Braid 30 pound/test

Fishing lures - Lake TroutLake trout:

  1. Bomber Long A jerkbait
  2. Williams Wabler
  3. Jigging a Ripple Shad
  4. Dartee spoon
  5. 6” white Mister twister tail with a jig head.
  6. Bully from Williams
  7. Heddon Sonar
  8. 4.5” YUM Pulse on a jig head
  9. Williams HQ35
  10. Smithwick Suspending Rattlin Rogue

Lake trout:

Rod:   Equalizer EQLS762MH – Length: 7’6” – Action: Med/Heavy – 2 Pieces

Reel:   Reliance PT REL35XPT

Fishing line:   P-Line C21 12 pound/test or P-Line Spin X Braid 20 pound/test

Fishing lures - Smallmouth BassSmallmouth bass:

  1. Booyah Blade Spinnerbait with two spoons
  2. Yum Ned Dinger
  3. Bandit Series 100 & 200
  4. Big O
  5. 5” Comida Stick Bait
  6. 4” Mister Twister Ring Worm on a Drop Shot presentation
  7. Mepps Comet Longtail CLT3 with dressed hook
  8. Rebel Pop-R
  9. Power Jerk Shad
  10. 3”,5” Strike King Coffee Tube on a tube jig head

Smallmouth bass:

Rod:   Vapor VPC7062F – Length: 7’0” Action: Medium – 2 Pieces

Reel:   Quantum Energy 100SZ – EN100HPT

Fishing line:   P-line Copolymer C21 8 pound/test or P-Line X-BRAID 10 pound/test

Fishing lures - Largemouth BassLargemouth bass:

  1. War Eagle Spinnerbait with willow leafs
  2. Rebel Wee-Crawfish
  3. Booyah Swim’n Jig with a Split Double Tail Twister
  4. 6” Phenom
  5. Mister Twister Sassy Swimmer
  6. Booyah XCS Series Crankbait
  7. Heddon Super Spook
  8. Booyah Prad Crasher Frog
  9. Strike King Tour Grade Swimming Jig with Buzz Bug
  10. YUM Tip Toad

Largemouth bass:

Rod:   Accurist ATC7062FA – Length: 7’0”– Action:   Med/Heavy – 2 pieces

Reel:   Accurist AT100HPT baitcast reel with flipping switch

Fishing line:   Copolymer C21 15 pound/test or P-Line X-Braid 30 pound/test

Good fishing. 

Patrick Campeau is a  professional fisherman that is a three-time provincial champion member inducted into the Canadian Pantheon of Fishing.

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