The 2024 Alumacraft FSX

The 2024 Alumacraft FSX Mar 18, 2024

By: Jarrett Matthews

The Alumacraft FSX has emerged as a compelling option for families seeking a versatile and high-performance boat. Promising “Built-In Versatility,” the FSX accommodates the needs of diverse water activities with its well-thought-out features.

The inclusion of high-back jump seats is a standout feature, expanding seating capacity and allowing families to enjoy a day out on the water comfortably. The boat’s expansive bow and stern decks further enhance its family-friendly design by preventing fishing lines from becoming tangled.

Engineered with the Alumacraft 2XB™ hull, the FSX boasts a sharper bow entry that excels in slicing through wind-blown chop, providing a smoother and more enjoyable ride. The full-length twin-plate design significantly reduces noise and vibration, contributing to an enhanced on-water experience.

The boat’s adaptability for various activities is a key selling point. The fold-down jump seats at the rear allow for easy configuration based on the number of passengers, seamlessly transitioning from fishing to water skiing. The optional ski-pylon, conveniently stowed in the starboard side storage, adds a recreational dimension without compromising fishing functionalities.

With an additional six inches on the rear deck, the FSX caters to anglers by offering more room for casting. The dual access aerated live well, integrated cooler, and rear deck comfort mat demonstrate a thoughtful design catering to both fishing and leisure pursuits.

The Alumacraft FSX’s industry-leading riveted, one-piece, V-hull design instills confidence in handling big waters. Engineered for a comfortable ride and responsive control, it ensures that boaters can confidently navigate various water conditions.

The FSX stands out as a versatile and family-oriented boat, offering a harmonious balance between fishing and recreational activities. Its adaptability, smooth ride, and thoughtful design make it a commendable choice for those seeking a multifaceted watercraft. Boating enthusiasts will find the Alumacraft FSX to be a reliable and enjoyable companion for their on-water endeavours.





1,375 lbs (624 kg)


6 (1,500 lbs – 680 kg)

Length Overall

17’ 8” (5.4 m)

Max HP

150 HP


95” (2.4 m)

Transom Width / Height

93”/25” (2.4 m/0.6 m)

Max. Depth

43” (1.1 m)

Max. Hull Thickness

0.160” (4.1 mm)

Freeboard Thickness

0.080” (2 mm)

Fuel Capacity

34 gal. (129 L)

Livewell Aft

22 gal. (83 L)

Livewell Bow

18 gal. (68 L)


Speed, tach, volt, fuel, horn


3 deluxe seats w/driver air ride pedestal
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