SmokerCraft Adventurer 188 DC

SmokerCraft Adventurer 188 DC Jun 2, 2020

Calling all serious fishermen.

Boat Test #1600
By Brad Roberts

Smoker Craft boats can trace their roots in the marine industry all the way back to just after World War One, 1921 to be exact, when the Smoker Lumber Company, as it was then called was a world leader in the production of wooden oars and paddles. They began building boats in the early 60’s and chose aluminium over wood or fibreglass for its’ inherent weight and ease of maintenance advantages.

Their all-new for 2020 Adventurer series currently includes seven floor plans including tiller, double console and fish and ski layouts in 16, 17 and 18-foot lengths.  The series includes fishing-oriented features like wide beam design, carpeted decks for sure footing, vinyl cockpit floors for easy cleanup, a stern aerated livewell, center rod storage, in-floor storage, and Integrated Gunnel Track System (IGTS).

I believe that the Adventurer 188 DC is going to be the best-selling one out of all the seven models. Let walk thought this new model.

The Adventurer 188 DC is no small fishing boat. With an interior depth of 23” you’ll feel like you’re  sitting down inside the boat, not sitting on a deck completely exposed. Both have their advantages for sure, but for family boating purposes I like the feeling of security so your kids and pets don’t easily fall overboard.

Up at the bow, a triangular deck, level with the gunwales, allows for a trolling motor of your choice to be added and hooked up to the pre-wired trolling motor panel. There are four compartments in the forward deck that sits level when the full eight foot wide hull is at rest creating a good amount of space for a forward casting platform. A single seat base on the centreline is well positioned for both seated and standing positions, and you’re not too far up off the water to reach down with a net and bring in your catch.

Behind the double console, walk through windshield, you step down into the vinyl covered cockpit floor where four seat bases are installed giving you options as to where you position the folding seats (complete with no-pinch hinges to protect little fingers and the tips of all of your fishing rods from injury). Centreline rod storage keeps them under the floor of the foredeck and out of the way yet provides easy access.

The helm features a windshield that comes up over your head when seated to provide both wind and weather protection, and plenty of space to add your large screen favourite fishfinder. The companion console features a nearly level dash on top of the glovebox storage compartment that could easily serve as a chart surface as you explore new waters and fishing opportunities, plus room for a 13 quart Engel cooler underneath.

At the stern, you’ll find a full-beam wide carpeted casting platform with a single seat base mounted on the centreline. Outboard, two folding and well-padded jump seats provide additional seating space for up to six people, and yet fold flat when needed. The aerated livewell is positioned at the front of this platform making it accessible for anyone in the boat.

Throughout the boat, moulded into the inside of gunnel, you’ll find the Smoker Craft Integrated Gunnel Track System which allows for the easy attachment and removal, as well as repositioning, of fishing accessories like downriggers, rod holders, a fillet table and more.

Smoker Craft offers a lifetime hull warranty plus a six+ year warranty on everything else on and in this family-friendly yet fishing-oriented and very trailerable fishing machine.


Length: 18’ 11” / 5.67 m
Beam: 96” / 2.4 m
Weight: 1,603 lbs / 728 kgs
Fuel: 38 gals / 144 L
Deadrise: 15 degrees
Capacity: 6 people
Max HP: 175hp
MSRP: see dealer

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