The Sea-Doo SPARK will play a key role in determining which couple will win the grand prize of $1million on the finale of CBS’s Amazing Race. The final three teams of two will face a challenge of navigating a Sea-Doo SPARK through a charted path of obstacles on their way to the finish line. The Amazing Race 27 finale ends in New York City following 12 weeks of adventure and competition around the world.
The acclaimed Sea-Doo SPARK has re-sparked the marine industry and has contributed to double-digit growth in PWC industry sales. The SPARK is the most accessible modern watercraft on the market and is attracting the next generation of boaters as well as the perfect, “add to fleet” unit for veteran boaters. The SPARK is perfect for the family looking for amazing experiences revolving around boating fun in the most extraordinary locations around the world.  A sneak peek of the Amazing Race season 27 finale can be downloaded here. Feel free to share with your visitors.
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