Portable Dry Box Stays Put

Portable Dry Box Stays Put Jul 11, 2019

Few things spoil a day on the water more than having a cell phone drenched, car keys lost, or eyewear fall and break. With SeaSucker’s Large Dry Box, valuable belongings are well-protected from extreme elements, damage and being misplaced. And with the exclusive SeaSucker Vacuum Mount, it can be placed where it’s most convenient — without drilling holes and installing it permanently.

SeaSucker’s Large Dry Box is sized to accommodate oversized smartphones such as the Samsung S9+ and iPhone XS Max. It measures 7.5” L x 3.5” W x 3.5” H. Built in the USA of rugged translucent polymer, contents are easy to see. Two clips keep the lid closed tight, and a gasket seals out water and dust. A tote cord is attached for easy carrying. A video is available at bit.ly/SeaSuckerDryBox.

What makes SeaSucker’s Dry Box so different from any other box on the market is its unique Vacuum Mount. Not a mere suction cup, it holds an incredible 120 lbs. when attached to any clean, non-porous surface, including textured and curved.

Easy to use, the Vacuum Mount is simply placed in position and the integrated power button pumped until the bright orange indicator disappears. When the color reappears after a few days, a few more pumps keeps the Dry Box securely in place.

Two versions of SeaSucker’s Large Dry Box are available, with the Vacuum Mount on the bottom for horizontal installation and on the back, for vertical. Both cost $77. The box alone without the mount is $28.50.

For more information visit: www.seasucker.com.