New Safety Lanyard

New Safety Lanyard Sep 14, 2014
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As National Safe Boating Week approaches, Mercury has a released and new and improved safety lanyard.  Watch the Video.
Mercury Marine promotes boater safety with new, improved safety lanyards
Mercury Marine encourages all boaters to make safety their No. 1 concern as the weather warms and boats hit the water this summer. Mercury, the world leader in marine propulsion technology, recently collaborated with Capt. Mike Genoun, host of Florida Sport Fishing TV and editor-in-chief of Florida Sport Fishing Magazine, to create a video that promotes boating safety through the use of Mercury’s new and improved safety lanyard.
Watch the video here:
The safety lanyard, which can be attached to a personal flotation device or around the boat driver’s wrist, also connects to an engine-shutoff switch. If the boat driver falls overboard or to the deck of the boat, the engine-shutoff switch will be activated by the lanyard clip, stopping the engine and significantly reducing the risk of bodily harm.
In the video, Genoun emphasizes that whether boating alone or with family and friends, boaters who use the safety lanyard can ensure the wellbeing and safety of everyone onboard and on – or in – the water near the boat.
“By putting customers first, Mercury Marine is committed to ensuring that your time spent on the water fishing and boating is as safe and as enjoyable as possible,” Genoun said in the video.
The part number of the new lanyard is 8M0092849, and it is available for purchase through any Mercury dealer.
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