NEW RIB: Walker Bay Generation 525

NEW RIB: Walker Bay Generation 525 Jul 21, 2016

Walker Bay Boats, has launched a new 17ft RIB to add to their premium Generation line.  Michael Carroll, Director of Sales and Marketing for Walker Bay Boats said, “When we decided to add a larger size to our Generation line, we revisited every aspect of design and manufacturing and searched for desirable features that you would normally only find in much bigger boats.  In the 525 you will get the style and performance that the Generation line is known for with all the bells and whistles that make boating so much more enjoyable.”  The Generation 525 is an ideal day boat, great for water sports, easy for commuting to your water front home or as a luxury tender for a mega yacht.
The Generation 525 is the result of countless hours of research, design and development. We designed this boat from the beginning to be superior in every way. From the Polyurethane Composite Micro Stringer System that results in a lighter smoother ride, to our proprietary jig and alignment system for better alignment and better handling, we’ve thought through every detail and then put our design through extensive testing to deliver a Deluxe RIB unlike any other.
Most all RIB manufacturers use basic plywood stringers to support the hull and top deck, Walker Bay incorporates a Polyurethane Composite Micro Stringer System in the floor which is lighter, stronger than wood and results in a smoother ride.
Where typical RIBs may have an air cavity between the hull and deck, Walker Bay bonds the hull and deck together using a unidirectional glass and a polyurethane stringer grid bonding system. This absorbs the impact from wave chop, makes the hull stronger and lighter and provides permanent positive flotation.
When it comes to quality control, we sweat every detail. Distortion and misalignment in a hull contributes to poor handling and stress cracks. Walker Bay creates a straighter and better riding boat by incorporating a proprietary “jig and alignment” process for the joining of the main parts so stress energy is distributed efficiently for a better handling and longer lasting boat.
525 Specs:
Length 17’2” / 525cm Max HP 115HP/86kW
Beam 8’4” / 254cm Recommended HP 90HP/68kw
Weight 1160Lbs / 527kg Shaft Length Long
Maximum Persons 10 (1650Lbs / 750kg) Fuel Capacity 32G / 125L
Maximum Load* 2750Lbs / 1250kg Top speed 44mph/ 38.25kt
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