Nautique G23 Paragon

Nautique G23 Paragon Mar 14, 2020

King of the World

By Timmy McNamee
Boat Test #1627
Nautique takes center stage for 2020 with the all new G23 Paragon. A sumptuously contoured, re-designed G, its’ array of standard features and options will have you in awe.
For first impressions, the Paragon makes a bold statement with its eye-catching geometric detail. The bow of the Paragon provides a greater freeboard, which means less splash and spray in the wind and chop, a smoother ride, and a deep interior to provide extra bow comfort and space.
The Paragon has a fully redesigned hull that optimizes maneuverability in the water to better compliment versatility in wakes and waves like no other Nautique. The redesigned NSS gives you the ultimate adaptability, feeding a much longer pocket, forceful push, and clean lip like never before. Fully integrated into the hull, the NSS system is quick to respond making transfers quick and clean. 
The helm offers a luxe feel with embossed geo stitching surrounding the award winning LINC Panoray Display, which has an updated interface to control and dial in your wave and wake to the perfect profiles using NSS and NCRS simultaneously. It has a low profile dash design maximizing your visibility between the windshield header and the dashboard. The helm seat is power controlled, and equipped with a swivel that allows you to rotate and enjoy family and friends inside the boat. The performance level of the Paragon is next level, beginner to pro levels wakes can be dialed at the touch of a button and swipe of your finger giving you diagram visibility on screen to allow you to contour NSS and NCRS to the exact profile you wish to achieve.  
The flight control tower rises and lowers vertically, not jeopardizing any space in the boat. Which makes it possible to drive with the tower down for extra coverage driving back to the dock on rainy days. The Paragon offers an optional forward and aft sun shade extensions that have the ability to cover the full spread of the bow, or transom providing shade in every area throughout the boat if you desire it. Two additional surf pockets are integrated into the top of the bimini and a handy storage net on the underside for smaller gear. Nautique has equipped the Paragon with their strapless swivel board racks molded with rubber to ensure no dents or dings to your board. Four 8” JL audio speakers decorate the tower with elegance in their custom enclosures, which gives you a sultry appeal and throws sound further and wider so you have music at its finest. 
The cockpit of the Nautique provides a spacious layout for all of the on water necessities: USB, 12V, and cupholders are at your convenience no matter your spot. Adjustable flip seating on the starboard and rear bench come as standard, so you are always in on the action. Walking through the cockpit to the transom, the waterfall walk through provides the space and feel of a luxury yacht, and has a built-in transom cooler for easy access to those lounging at the back. Integrated transom seats with convertible flip seat backs bring a whole new level to comfort and lounging. With an option for additional 12” sub woofers with custom enclosures the Paragon proves itself of paramount for tow boat entertainment. Pop-up seat hatches give easy accessibility to grab your gear and go – effortlessly. 
The head-turning Paragon is sure to make a mark in the tow boat industry. If you’re looking for a boat that exceeds expectation, delivers upmost versatility, with all the options you could dream of having for your perfect day on the water or behind the boat, the Paragon is the opportunity of the year to test drive and ride. 


Length: 23’ / 2.78 m
Beam: 102” / 2.55 m
Weight: 7,400 lbs / 3,363 kgs
Ballast: 2,100 lbs / 954 kgs
Fuel: 75 gals / 295 L
Capacity:  2,500 lbs / 16 ppl
MSRP:  $348,000 CDN
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