Moomba Mojo Pro 2018

Moomba Mojo Pro 2018 Dec 22, 2018

Entry level, feature packed.

Boat Test #1496

The 2018 Moomba Mojo Pro is a limited edition 23’ boat designed to target the entry-level tow boat market in a sleek and stylish way with various upgraded features to make it top of its class amongst the competition. The exterior features a custom graphics pattern with your choice of color scheme. This premium tow boat takes a step ahead of Moomba’s best-selling Mojo, and upgrades it with even more standard features, premium capabilities, and attitude, to leave you feeling spoiled rotten on and off the water. 
At first glance, the interior is detailed in its own Mojo Pro custom Sea-dek accent and flooring. The vinyl is a plush custom textured feel that leaves you with an impression of luxury. Seated in the bow, it is a spacious area that allows you to sit back and relax in comfort. Included is a bow filler cushion to allow for additional extension space while seated, with Sea-dek non-skid step padding lined at the bow of the boat. The boat seats a whopping 17 passengers, and includes 3,000 lbs of additional ballast with the Moomba G6 ballast system. As a result of the Mojo Pro’s deep hull, the cockpit is a roomy area with a couch layout seating style and luminous blue interior lighting for nighttime cruising.  The rear bench easily slides back into a rear center aft seat, which allows you to stay in the action with what’s happening behind the boat. Ample storage is included under each seat for carry-ons, equipment, and gear. 
The Mojo Pro’s tower is an effortless collapsing tower, great for towing and storage purposes. The upgraded Wet Sounds Rev 10 Audio Speakers, sub, and amp give it a nice décor. Yet another standard with the Mojo package, the swivel board racks with a locking mechanism fit both wakeboards and surfboards. The bimini is stationed off the front of the tower and is easily deployed and demobilized. Off the transom of the boat, the platform is also a non-skid Sea-dek, making it comfortable sitting and standing off the back of the boat. A transom remote is located at the back of the hull which adds to the personal experience of hanging out on the water.
Sitting in the Captain’s seat, an adjustable bolster is built-in to make visibility attainable when needed with adjustable controls beneath the seat. I was pleasantly surprised with the simplicity and layout of the Mojo Pro’s dash. All major switches are located to the left and right of the steering wheel. And a digital screen encased in luxe billet aluminum is located directly in front of you which allows you to enable the Zero Off GPS speed control, and control your ballast and wake plate settings. The Mojo Pro is equipped with Moomba’s Flow 3.0 and Auto Wake 2 Surf System with predictive state which automatically adjusts the pitch and roll of the boat for you, making the surf wave easily attainable, consistent, and clean each time you activate it. The wakeboard wakes are versatile based on the amount of additional ballast you include, the hull alone makes a steep rampy wake, even with minimal ballast which is great for beginners or anyone who doesn’t have a desire to “go big, or go home!”
The infamous Ford Raptor engine by Indmar comes standard, and you have the option of equipping your Mojo Pro with the 400 or 440hp. It’s deep hull glides through the water and maneuvers through chop like a pro, pun intended. For more of an entry level 23’ model, I am impressed with how well it stands out amongst the crowd. 
By Timmy McNamee


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