MasterCraft X22

MasterCraft X22 Apr 15, 2019

The sky is the limit.

New for 2019, MasterCraft Boats did it again with the X22. With bigger, better, more versatile wakes than ever before, this model will deliver you nothing short of perfection. With its 22’ stature, it provides plenty of agility and control on the water, and includes all the classy comforts and features you would expect from the X Series line.
My first impression of the X22 was jaw dropping. The vinyl and thread patterns are strategized to compliment the interior giv-ing it the ultimate feel of chic. I always find MasterCraft’s interior spacious, and seating a comfortable 16 people in the X22, there’s plenty of room for friends and family. Thanks to their convenient layout and ergonomics, this 22 footer easily felt as though I stepped into a vessel larger in size. New on the X22, an optional flip seat back behind the driver gives you more ways to watch. Pair this with the optional rear facing flip seat, and removable transom and bow filler cushions; you’ve got plenty of modifications for additional comfort and convenience while enjoying your day on the lake.
At the helm, the dual screen dash option compliments the X22 with dignified style. An integrated camera located in the center of the tower enables the driver visibility of the rider at all times on the 12” centre colour display screen located behind the steering wheel without obstructing forward facing view. A touch pad toggles through GPS Navigation and Audio controls, so you can choose which you’d like displayed at anytime. A broad 4”x11” touch screen is located off the right side of the steering wheel, allowing easy touch control from your throttle hand while underway. I was very impressed with the intuitiveness of the touch screen, as I find some competitors versions overwhelming and confusing. MasterCraft conveniently categorized three separate mode selections; SURF, WAKE, or CHILL to provide the driver the innate ability to navigate, activate profiles, create rider profiles, and fine tune your wave at the touch of your fingertips.
Just when I thought a wave couldn’t get any better, MasterCraft releases the Switchback ballast system as part of Gen 2 surf system, which provides the X22 connatural list weight for whichever side you’re surfing on. The switchback tank fills to 75% allowing the water to roll port to starboard, resulting in faster transfer times side to side. But that’s not all, upgrade to fast-fill ballast system, and you will have 3,550 lbs of ballast filling in under 4 minutes. Unify this with powerful Ilmor engines, you’ve got a boat that saves you 30-60% in fuel costs over other competitors, which means more bang for your fuel buck, and more time on the water.
MasterCraft is notorious for doing an excellent job in making sure there is a plethora of options available for your every want and need, making the versatility of your MasterCraft not just about the wave, but the all of the options that can come with it. Each MasterCraft comes standard with favourable premium features like swivel board racks, GPS navigation system, Zero off speed control, Klipsch Audio, and Ilmor GDI engines. Have a budget? No problem. MasterCraft includes a variety of different selections in each design category from gel coat, to vinyl, seat features, engine size, carpet, tower, and display screens, conveniently giving you the potential to save a few dollars, or to take your boat to the max.
To say “the sky is the limit with the X22” would be an understatement. With the endless options and versatility of the X22, MasterCraft has proved, the sky is only the beginning.
By Timmy McNamee

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