Manitou Aurora LE

Manitou Aurora LE Mar 16, 2020

Customized for you.

By Tom Dillon
Boat Test #1606

The Aurora LE is the most customizable Manitou model on offer. This says a lot, given that Manitou already extends such a large amount of options for customers. The base of the Aurora LE starts with one of the most affordable models that Manitou offers and it can be found in lengths ranging from 18 to 25 feet. After selecting the length they want, the customer chooses one of three floor plans: Standard, Bar or RF. The next choice is the pontoon configuration, which also comes in three different options: Twin-Tube, VP or Sport-Handing Package (more on this later). Once these bigger choices are made it is time to really get into the weeds and decide how you want everything to look, feel and perform. 

The layout options really determine a lot about what you are going to do with the boat, so it is important you choose the right one for what you expect from the boat. The Standard layout is just that, with a typical pontoon layout of benches around the rails, an L-shaped bench aft, and a spacious sun-lounger at the stern. The Bar layout moves the L-benches aft and removes the sun-lounger, and instead it places a bar with three stools along the port side. The RF floor plan maximizes deck space, with mirror image wraparound benches at the bow and stern and then a second stand-alone chair on the port side opposite the helm station. 

The pontoon choices are also very important to what you will be able to do with the boat. The base model comes with the Twin-Tube, your typical two pontoon layout that is well-made, but nothing fancy. There are two different upgrades available from this, the VP and the Sports Handling Package, both of which are designed around the Manitou V-Toon concept.  With their patented V-Toon design Manitou has created an underwater profile that allows their pontoon boats to behave like traditional hulls. The keystone of the V-toon is the central pontoon, which is a larger diameter than the outer tubes, extending deeper and creating a V-shaped underwater profile. This shape, known as deadrise, allows much greater handling and increased ability to deal with waves and choppy conditions. Additionally, each pontoon has lifting strakes which help the boat get up and plane as quickly as possible. The Sport Handling Package is the top-tier of this concept, able to handle up to 300 HP on the 25’ models. VP is a slightly less sporty option retains the basic V-Toon concepts and is designed for lower horsepower though is still rated for hull speeds exceeding 30 knots. 

In terms of the detail options, there are countless possibilities for all areas on the boat. Obviously colour of the panelling, seats and decking is all up to for your choice. The sound system can be upgraded, along with additional remotes and increased lighting. Other options include a double-length bimini, great for long days in the sun, you can also get an additional filler bench at the forward gate and a portable ottoman to add some more seating. The salt-water package is useful for those who boat on or near the coast, and a ski-mirror is a great addition for tow sports (tow bar comes standard). The list goes on, one note though is that not all options are available for all seating plans. 

Manitou has won the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) Marine Industry Award for Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) 18 years in a row.  By consistently providing excellent customer service, designing great boats, and building them with care, Manitou has managed to score at the very loftiest of levels when it comes to customer satisfaction. 


Length Overall: 26’ 4” / 8.03 M
Maximum Tube Diameter: 27” / 69 cm
Weight: 3,420 lbs. / 1551 kg
Capacity: 13 people
Max HP: 300 HP
Starting from Approx: $70,000 CDN

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