Manitou 27 X-Plode SRW Dual Engine SHP

Manitou 27 X-Plode SRW Dual Engine SHP May 19, 2017
Manitou 27 Xplode

Boat Test #1433

Stylish Speed

If you are looking for a versatile, powerful and comfortable pontoon boat, then the Manitou 27 Xplode is a model you will want to take a closer look at. X-Plode is already a popular line, but add the Split Rear Windshield and Sport Handling Packages, you have a boat that does pretty much everything, and does it well.
The cornerstone of the Sport Handling Package (SHP) model is the increase in handling and performance. Instead of the standard two pontoons, there are three pontoons. The central pontoon is larger than the outer ones which creates a V-shaped underwater profile. This shape allows much greater handling and increased ability to deal with waves and choppy conditions. Additionally, each pontoon has lifting strakes which help the boat get up and go as quickly as possible. To handle this, each Sport Handling Package equipped boat comes with SeaStar Power Assist Hydraulic Steering to ensure great control at all speeds. SHP boats are also structurally enhanced to handle any extra stresses or strain that may be present. This helps ensure the quality and longevity that is expected from Manitou pontoon boats.
The Split Rear Windshield model, or SRW as it is known, is the Split Rear Seating design with the addition of a windshield for added comfort. The seating design provides great versatility for you and your guests. You get two large seats aft, one on either side, with a walkway down the centreline of the boat. This feature opens up the aft end in a whole new way compared to other styles of layout. It provides excellent access to the stern with its swim platform and ladder. The rear seats can be upright to provide seating for four, or they can be reclined to create two large sun loungers. To complement the captain’s chair, there is a second swivelling chair on the other side of the boat. This is great for keeping the captain company, or an eye on your water skiers while zipping around the lake.
While a windshield is not very common on pontoon boats, this is a model where the benefit is immediate and obvious. Mounting twin outboards on the stern, up to a total of 600 HP, the X-Plode has an excellent power to weight ratio that ensures you will really need the windshield.The options are endless when this much speed and power is at your disposal. Whether its tow sports, racing to the fishing grounds or shooting across the lake for lunch, this Manitou has you covered, and now, shielded.
Manitou puts a lot of effort into providing many options for your boat. They want to give you the choice to personalize, to ensure you get the exact boat you want. These options cover the whole boat; from pontoons to deck layout to seating material and anything else you may want to customize. Lighting, speakers and power supply are becoming increasingly popular, allowing you to also customize your nighttime experience. Almost every aspect on board can be personalized for your style or preference. Manitou wants their customers to get exactly what they come looking for.
The Manitou 27 Xplode is backed with the Quality Guarantee, providing a limited lifetime warranty on the decking, structure and pontoons. All in all, the Manitou 27 XPlode SRW is a good looking, powerful and comfortable pontoon boat, produced by a leader in the market. With its great power options, versatile layout and solid construction, there is no doubt that this boat can provide for countless incredible times on the water.
By Rhys Weed


With Sport Handling Package
Length Overall: 28’ 8” / 8.59 m
Weight: 4,355lbs /1,975 kg
Maximum HP: 600 HP
Person Capacity: 15

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Manufactured by:
Manitou Boats
Triton Industries, Inc.
7800 Northport Drive
Lansing, MI, 48917

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