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Lowe FM 1710


In Lowe Boats vernacular, FM means Fishing Machine. Lowe is always serious about their fishing boats, and this one lives up to the description vey well. Coming in at 17’ long, the FM1710 can handle up to six adults. The boat comes ready to go fishing with locking storage all over, including two compartments for rods (the centre one can handle lengths of 7’) and two livewells with a 800 GPH aerator pump.
The layout is a classic fishing platform, with a wide open bow and stern for all around casting and landing. Two pedestal seats come standard, and there are a total of six base locations, meaning lots of options of where to sit. A full-width windshield keeps you nicely out of the elements while flying along with an engine of up to 150 HP. The hull shape is a deep-V, with all-welded seams, meaning the 1710 is solid and seaworthy in any conditions you’ll be out fishing in.
As well as designing great boats, Lowe puts a lot of effort into construction methods to ensure a safe product to lasts a long time. Lowe consistently garners some of the highest resale values around, a true testament to the quality of the product.
A hallmark of the Lowe construction process is the expanding foam that is injected into the lower hull, filling in all the cavities and gaps with a waterproof, marine grade, closed cell foam. This step in the process has many purposes: it increases hull strength and stiffness, cuts down on vibration and noise, provides for increased buoyancy and carrying capacity, and lastly, it helps to ensure that the vessel will stay upright and afloat in even the most serious of conditions. The FM 1710 has a total of 45 cubic feet of foam inside the hull.
This Fishing Machine 1710 is a solid platform that is turn-key ready to head out to your favourite spot.
By Rhys Weed

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