One of the easiest things to damage over the winter storage season is the boat antenna.  Even under the most punishing of weather conditions, Shakespeare® Phase III™ marine antennas deliver serious performance, outpacing the competition. Backed by an industry-leading eight-year warranty, the Phase III line of professional-grade VHF, AIS, HF/SSB and AM/FM models are ideal for commercial vessels and offshore sportfish, as well as coastal and blue-water yachts.

Rivaling the look and quality of the industry’s finest stainless steel fishing and deck accessories, Phase III ferrules install easily with standard 1” 14 thread mounts or U-bolts. Shakespeare’s SO-239 connector eliminates coax rerouting and enables quick removal for storage or passing under low structures. The Phase III 12-sided faceting prevents shaft rotation and potential cable shearing.

Shakespeare’s high-strength fiberglass radomes are unsurpassed in the industry. Phase III antennas have silver-plated elements for maximum electrical efficiency. Stranded tinned copper inner conductors deliver peak signal strength and an Ethafoam spacer system isolates the radiators from vibration and moisture for a long, reliable service life.

Three VHF antennas are offered in 4’, 8’ and 18’ lengths with 3dB, 6dB and 8dB gain, respectively. The 4’ AIS model has a 3dB gain and the 18’ HF/SSB handles 1kW output power. Two AM/FM units are available in 4’ and 8’ lengths. Prices for Shakespeare Phase III antennas start at $269.95.

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