Hewitt’s ThruFlow Decking

Hewitt’s ThruFlow Decking May 12, 2015

By: Brad Roberts
Originally posted March 18, 2013

Hewitt Docks now offers a superior choice in dock decking: ThruFlow interlocking panels. ThruFlow features water resistance, an anti-slip surface and grated design. ThruFlow’s grated surface protects your dock from uplifting wave and storm surge effects. The grated design also allows sunlight to penetrate the water below the deck for submerged vegetation growth, with the added benefit of providing ideal structural areas for fish to linger. ThruFlow is lightweight for easy installation.
Advantages of ThruFlow:
•    Totally maintenance free
•    UV and static electricity protection
•    Superior load bearing capability
•    Non-slip surface, even when wet
•    Strong, durable and lightweight
•    Allows sunlight, water and debris through
•    Stays cool to the touch, even in hot sun
•    ACE approved in florida
•    ADA compliant
•    Helps minimize storm surge and wave effects
•    12 year warranty
ThruFlow decking is available at Hewitt dealers now. For more information visit www.hewitt-roll-a-dock.com

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