Hand Pumps An Essential Safety Item

Hand Pumps An Essential Safety Item May 12, 2015

A dependable hand pump can be one of the most critical pieces of safety equipment for any small craft. Beckson Marine’s genuine Thirsty Mate Pumps are built for long-lasting performance. Made in the USA, Beckson recently celebrated the pump’s 55th anniversary.
Thirsty-Mate pumps may be used daily or rarely, but they’re always ready when needed.
Thirsty-Mate is the easiest-to-operate pump on the market. This is because the pumps have the same size intake and discharge, allowing unimpeded water flow. Their plastic material is water-lubricated.
Lightweight and easy to clean, the all-plastic Thirsty-Mate pumps require no priming and are not susceptible to rust or corrosion, and they will not mar the boat. If the pumps become clogged, users simply remove the foot valve assembly, by applying low heat, such as warm water, and clean out the inside.
Thirsty-Mate pumps are available in four different diameters ranging from 1-1/4″ to 3″ and multiple lengths starting at 12″. Spare parts, such as replacement foot valve assemblies and hoses, are sold separately. Suggested retail prices for Thirsty-Mate Pumps start at $23. For more information visit www.beckson.com/tmpumps.html

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