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Fun Toys for Your Next Boat Day


Snacks, check. Drinks, check. Towels, check.

Now what about water toys?

Have no fear, our friend Jordan Sullivan, Director of Fun, at Waboba is here with a selection of small, packable water toy ideas for your next boating adventure on the river, lake, or ocean.

Water Bouncing Balls – $8-$10 USD

Waboba created the first ball to bounce on water back in 2005. Check out the Waboba Original – it skips like a stone, only it’s safer to catch and won’t sink.

Plus, they have a whole range of water bouncers on They are the best balls to toss back and forth when you anchor your boat at a sandbar. Just don’t be surprised if you start creating a massive game with other boaters!

Waboba Mini Lacrosse Sticks – $19.99 USD

Another fun game to pack is the new mini lacrosse stick set. These mini sticks are perfect for the boat since they won’t take up space and fit in your bag. Plus, it means you can play lacrosse in the water! The set uses a Waboba Original ball to skip on water instead of a regular ball.

Waboba Catch – $24.99 USD

Sometimes the best catch of the day doesn’t include a fish. It involves the Waboba Catch glove and making a sweet diving catch off the boat. The glove is ambidextrous and made for water play since it comes with a Waboba Pro ball, which also bounces on water. No doubt you’ll look like a pro when you catch with this glove.

Waboba also has a range of classic toys like beach volleyballs, paddle sets, and footballs. Check out the whole beach and water collection on

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