Ed Huck Marine Welcomes Tiara Yachts

Ed Huck Marine Welcomes Tiara Yachts May 20, 2014

Tiara Yachts is excited to announce the appointment of Ed Huck Marine as its newest dealer for the Ontario, Canada market. Ed Huck Marine, located in the beautiful village of Rockport, Ontario, provides 1000 Islands boaters the most enjoyable recreational experience by offering the finest facilities, products and knowledgeable staff available. The marina is celebrating their 125th year in business this year, and has been selling the best products in the industry to the most discerning of customers for four generations. They have been located on the same property since Fred Huck started the business in 1889. Throughout the years of providing dedicated service to boaters from all around the world, customers have come to equate high quality products with dependable service from Ed Huck Marine.
“We are very excited to partner with such a reputable dealership. By continuing to add premier dealerships like Ed Huck Marine to our network, we are ensuring that our customers get the first-class treatment they have come to expect when purchasing a Tiara,” stated George Hetzel, VP of Sales & Marketing, S2 Yachts.
“Growing up in this business, I’ve always admired and respected the Tiara brand. While the boats retain a timelessness that continue to appeal to our customers, we are most excited with the progressive new models being developed like the Coronets and Coupes. We are thrilled to become the Tiara Yachts dealer for the Ontario market and look forward to a long relationship with Tiara and its associates,” said Scott MacCrimmon, co-owner of Ed Huck Marine.
Ed Huck Marine is committed to offering exceptional service to its customers and will maintain the standards of excellence that Tiara Yachts owners expect and deserve. The reputation that Ed Huck has earned over a century in the boating industry aligns with the longstanding legacy Tiara Yachts is also known for and both parties are excited about this new endeavor.
Ed Huck Marine will have a 3100 Coronet and 3600 Coronet at their docks in early June. For more information, visit www.marina.ca.

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