Axopar wins ‘2016 European Boat of the Year’ in Desseldorf

Axopar wins ‘2016 European Boat of the Year’ in Desseldorf Apr 22, 2016

Since the fall of 2015, the Finland based boat manufacturer Axopar has reeled in the “Best of Boats” winner and the Motor Boat of the Year award for the Axopar 28.  In addition, the Axopar 24 Open took home the Motorboat of the Show in the open boat category at the Helsinki Boat Show and most recently, Axopar was awarded the 2016 European power boat of the year award during the Dusseldorf boat show.
Boaters from around the world are migrating to Axopar’s award winning design and three boat models, all powered by Mercury Marine outboards.  Watch the two brands take to the water in this new video:

Mercury Marine has historically partnered with award winning boat brands, but not many boat companies have won more awards in such a short period of time as has Axopar.  “It is incredible what Axopar has been able to do in less than two years,” said Mike Shedivy, president of Mercury Marine Europe, Middle East and Africa.  “They first broke out on the scene in 2014 and have been a force ever since.  The awards speak for themselves.  Axopar is a brand on the rise and we are excited to be their exclusive outboard partner.”
“For us, one of biggest things we need to be able to do as a growing brand is to enhance our partnership with Mercury because our dealership networks are expanding globally,” said Jan-Erik Viitala , Axopar partner. “It’s really been a game changer for us because with the refinement and design that we are doing on our boats, the efforts that we are now putting down on our boats is complimented with the engine.”
While Axopar and Mercury’s partnership is strong in Europe, consumers in the United States are quickly being introduced to the package, giving both Axopar and Mercury an opportunity to grow in key saltwater markets in the Southeast.
Viitala added, “We continue to stay true to our concept by building boats with a perfect combination of exhilarating driving experience and sensible fuel economy – boats that are competitively priced, practical and accessible but also have that wow factor.”
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