2023 Yamaha 275SDX

2023 Yamaha 275SDX May 6, 2023
Yamaha 275sdx

By Walt Jennings

We here at Power Boating Canada have tested a lot of Yamaha Jet Boats and Jet Skis over the years, but we have never seen a jet boat that came with a system like Yamaha’s pioneering new assisted docking technology, called DRiVE X. When we did a review of Yamaha’s 275SD Jet Boat just a year ago we thought the introduction of their DRiVE X system into what is now their 275SDX was noteworthy enough to report about this drive system alone.

Yamaha’s new DRiVE X system is just not another minor upgrade to Yamaha’s jet boat series, it is an assisted docking system that is a quantum leap in technology for any jet boat owner. What DRiVE X does is allow the helm person to move the boat forward, aft, laterally, rotate on its axis, or hold the boat against the dock, all while keeping your hands on the steering wheel.

The Yamaha 275SDX is Yamaha’s top of the line jet boat and the addition of their new DRiVE X system takes all of the guess work out docking or maneuvering in tight places.

So how does Yamaha’s new DRiVE X system work? Here’s how. Operating this system is as easy as moving your fingertips, all while your hands stay on the steering wheel. First you stop the boat, straighten the steering wheel, and move the gear shifter into neutral adjacent to where you want to move the boat to. Next you push a button on the steering wheel that tells the jet drives you now intend to maneuver in tight places.

Once the boat is stopped and you are ready to start maneuvering, you will see that on the far side of the steering column on the 275SDFX there are two bars underneath the steering wheel that Yamaha calls “forward and reverse paddles,” and these are easily reachable by simply extending your fingertips down from the steering wheel. 

The principle to operating Yamaha’s DRiVE X system is like operating a boat that uses counter-rotating propellers for propulsion. Vis-a-vis when the starboard engine’s gear is placed in forward and the port engine’s gear is placed in reverse, the boat turns counter-clockwise on its axis. 


  • LOA:     27 ft
  • Beam:     9 ft
  • Draft:     22 in
  • Dead Rise:     20°
  • Fuel Capacity:     90 gal
  • Water Capacity:     14 gal
  • Boat Weight :    5,083 lbs
  • Maximum Horsepower:     Twin 250 hp
  • Passenger Capacity:     12 
  • Engine Manufacturer     Yamaha
  • Approximate MSRP: $155,899 USD

For more information:  www.yamahaboats.com

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