Being able to create fresh water onboard while cruising is a necessity.  Ideal for couples, FCI Watermakers’ lightweight Aqualite makes 200 gallons of fresh, pure water every day. For 700 to 1,850 GPD, and full automation, it’s hard to beat the innovative Max-Q+APC. The units are quiet, vibration-free, easy to use and have a minimal power draw.
In sixty countries on six continents, FCI Watermakers has the resources in place to keep its high-performance reverse osmosis desalinization units running well. Its worldwide network of authorized dealers and distributors is ready to assist global cruisers.
FCI Watermakers parts are non-proprietary, something that’s essential when considering a watermaker for a cruising boat. Disposables, such as membranes, and replacements, like belts, are all standard sizes. This provides peace-of-mind, especially to owners visiting foreign ports.
For uncommon items, the company has a worldwide service network in place, ready to assist. A communication sent to a dealer a few days prior will ensure the required parts are ready upon arrival.
With thousands of installations worldwide, FCI Watermakers understands the needs of cruisers. It builds reliable units to accommodate any size vessel – from a small cruiser to a crewed megayacht.
For more information contact FCI Watermakers at  www.fciwatermakers.com.