LED Lights

LED Lights May 11, 2015

Whether fishing, cruising or working a boat at night, operators appreciate great lighting on the task at hand. Hella Marine introduces the powerful new Hella Sea Hawk XL series, offering spectacular LED illumination. These floodlights eclipse halogen lamps for a fraction of the power consumption with desirable aesthetics, functionality and durability.
Every aspect, material and component of the Sea Hawk XL is carefully chosen to ensure longevity in the most demanding offshore conditions without compromise. Each lamp is a completely sealed IP 67 design, manufactured from advanced polymers that will not corrode or discolor even under harsh UV. The lens is precision molded from high performance Grilamid® for strength and durability. The housing utilizes a revolutionary hi-tech thermally conductive polymer. This rugged material, precision injection molded in the New Zealand factory, draws heat away from internal electronics without the need for an external aluminum heat sink often found in this class of floodlighting. The polished bracket is made from 316 stainless steel and offers vertical adjustment without tools.
Light intensity on the Sea Hawk XL series adjusts easily with integrated two-step dimming, controlled through most off-the-shelf switches. The lamps use only 12W (1A @12V) in high intensity mode and 2W in low mode.
A sealed, pre-wired twin core marine cable delivers a sealed, secure and reliable connection. Advanced Multivolt electronics ensure a reliable and safe operation across severe voltage fluctuations and low battery voltages.
Measuring a compact 6.69″ W x 2.68″ H, the Sea Hawk XL series offers spread or spot light pattern options in either a black or white housing. Spread lamps illuminate a wide, close-range spread over a cockpit, foredeck or working area. The spot lamps provide a more narrow and concentrated illumination, appropriate for use on a yacht mast or to assist in low speed docking.
Hella Marine’s lighting products set the standard for quality, safety, reliability and energy efficiency. As with all its LED lighting, the Sea Hawk XL series is backed with a five year warranty. The retail price is $331.11 for either spread or spot light pattern options. For more information visit www.hellamarine.com

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