Clean as you Go!

Clean as you Go! Jun 21, 2021
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PressureMate announced the world’s first on-board 12 volt pressure washer designed specifically for cleaning boats!
Now you can clean as you go, reducing the bad pressure of the end-of-day clean-up.
Designed to provide powerful 600 psi water pressure with efficient coverage and maximum durability, PressureMate is quiet and reliable and able to blast through blood, guts, and grime, without damaging gel coat or upholstery.

Clean As You GoPressureMate uses a boat’s freshwater tank and is driven by a newly-designed, compact 12 volt pump. Its pumps use a patent pending plunger design that is the most efficient way possible to pressurize water. The spray gun hose quickly connects through a stainless-steel fitting either directly into the pump or can be upgraded to connect into a supplied bulkhead fitting in a remote location.

“Whether you’re an angler, racer or long-distance cruiser, a successful day on the water typically ends with hours of clean up at the dock,” said Mark Maus, principal, PressureMate. “With PressureMate you can save time by cleaning underway. It is easy to use and install and is a worthwhile investment that will keep your boat sparkling clean and ship shape.”

PressureMate pumps are factory lubricated for life-long performance. Installation is easy with either floor or wall-mount options and the only tool required for complete disassembly of the unit for easy maintenance and cleaning is a 3/16-inch hex wrench. PressureMate is built with premium materials and all metallic wetted parts are stainless steel for maximum durability and performance. An aircraft-grade anodized aluminum pump with Teflon hard-coat body is nearly indestructible compared to pumps made of castings. The pump measures 11-inches by 11-inches by 5-inches and weighs only 24 pounds.

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