Big Orange Holding Tank Filter

Big Orange Holding Tank Filter May 12, 2015

The new Big Orange OEM holding tank vent odor filter features an easily refillable filter cartridge and a filter by pass valve. The refillable filter cartridge allows you to quickly, easily and economically replace only the filter medium for a fresh start to a new boating season.
An issue with using an inline filter is the restriction that is created in the vent line, creating the potential for a tank collapse during pump out. Big Orange OEM filter comes equipped with a filter bypass valve which eliminates any restriction in the vent line due to the filter, just like it wasn’t there.
Big Orange OEM filter is a direct replacement for the disposable SeaLand Sanigard filter, part # 309310001. The OEM filter fits in the same mounting bracket and uses the same hose fittings as the Sealand and like all Big Orange products, is totally reusable, saving customers their money. It’s also one less thing that gets tossed into landfill.
Big Orange OEM filter retails for $115 CDN. For additional information on Big Orange visit

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