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March 31st Deadline for Discounted Canal Passes

The early bird deadline is approaching fast!  March 31st, is the deadline to get your 2016 lockage and mooring permits for our National Historic Canals and save 10%!!

Seasonal Lockage Permit

This permit is valid for the entire navigation season, and provides passage for your recreational vessel through any number of Parks Canada’s lock systems, at all National Historic Canals across Canada*:

Locations in Quebec:

Locations in Ontario:

* St. Peter’s Canal (Nova Scotia) and Sault Ste. Marie Canal (Ontario) National Historic Sites do not charge lockage fees for recreational vessels.
Or Buy online here:

6-Day Lockage Permit

This permit shares the characteristics of the Seasonal Lockage Permit above, and is intended for folks who only require 6 days of lockage in a season. These 6 days do not need to be consecutive, making this permit an excellent value for someone with fewer days available to spend on the water.
If you plan on navigating Parks Canada’s locks on more than 6 days in a season, the Seasonal Lockage Permit may be the best option for you.

Transit One-Way Lockage Permit

This permit allows the boater to travel through the entire Trent-Severn Waterway or the entire Rideau Canal system on a one-way passage. Boaters looking to make a return trip or traverse both systems should opt for the Seasonal Lockage Permit.

Seasonal Overnight Mooring Permit

Parks Canada offers a seasonal mooring permit that is valid for overnight mooring at seven national historic canals, two national parks, and one national marine conservation area. Your seasonal overnight mooring permit provides overnight mooring for your recreational vessel for the entire navigable season.
Please note that mooring is on a first-come, first-served basis and space is not guaranteed during peak periods. Certain restrictions may apply at National Parks.

Locations in Quebec:

Locations in Ontario:


Love to travel by pleasure boat or canoe? Launch your own adventure along Canada’s original highways. Going through the locks, you’ll appreciate the “cutting edge” engineering technology – from over 150 years ago! Immerse yourself in the beautiful landscapes, fascinating stories and lively local culture. Think of your permit as a personal invitation to come and make your own memories, surrounded by the sights and sounds of Canada’s waterways.

Consider These Benefits

You can buy permits online here –


Per Foot of Vessel
Seasonal Overnight Mooring Permit $9.80
Seasonal Lockage Permit $8.80
6-Day Lockage Permit
Until March 31st, includes one free overnight mooring permit!
Transit One-Way Lockage Permit $4.65
Lockage and Mooring Package
Until March 31st, includes 10% early-bird savings on price of mooring!
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