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Fitting a generator and its exhaust system into a new build or a retrofit can be challenging, especially in a confined engine room. Marine Exhaust Systems solves the space problem with its new whisper-quiet Series 4 Thinline Wall Pack Generator Muffler.
Currently designed for up to 35 kW gensets, the muffler is only 12” W x 17” H x 4” deep. Its compact, low-profile size makes it ideal for any marine application. It’s adaptable, so it can be mounted on the hull side, a bulkhead or within the recess of a generator body – anywhere on the boat there’s room.
However, its small stature doesn’t diminish its sound-reducing capabilities. Normal conversations can easily be heard over the engine exhaust. With rubber isolation mounts, it’s also vibration-free.The Thinline Series 4 Wall Pack Generator Muffler is built of superior-quality biaxial e-glass with flame-retardant Hetron FR 998 epoxy vinyl ester resin. 316L stainless steel crush-resistant rings are installed at all hose con-nections.
Marine Exhaust Systems engineers complete marine exhaust system packages and holds numerous patents on its products and technologies.For more information visit

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