2024 Smoker Craft Adventurer 210 GLS Sport

2024 Smoker Craft Adventurer 210 GLS Sport May 3, 2024
Smoker Craft

A rugged and versatile boat for fishing and family outings.

By: Jarrett Matthews

The Smoker Craft Adventurer 210 GLS Sport beckons to those envisioning serene mornings at the water’s edge, casting lines into the mist-covered lake. Its rugged build, evident from the moment you grasp its gunnel, instills confidence for both fishing expeditions and family outings alike.

A standout feature of the Adventurer 210 GLS Sport is its Integrated Gunnel Track System, facilitating the easy customization of rod holders and fishing accessories to suit individual preferences. As you take in the hull’s vibrant colour options, each boasting a durable twice-baked urethane-paint finish, it becomes evident that Smoker Craft’s commitment to quality extends beyond aesthetics.

The boat’s robust construction, with a transom fortified by pressure-treated plywood and stainless-steel bolts, ensures longevity and stability on the water. The single-piece bottom design, coupled with a rugged keel, offers both directional stability and protection in rugged terrains.

Inside, the emphasis on functionality continues, with vinyl-covered decks and a spacious cockpit designed for easy maintenance. Casting platforms feature sturdy marine plywood flooring, while amenities like a fully aerated live well and standard stereo enhance the onboard experience.

Customization options abound, from electronics to canvas choices, allowing owners to tailor the Adventurer 210 GLS Sport to their specific needs. With its wide beam and ample seating capacity, this vessel offers both safety and comfort for extended fishing trips or leisurely family outings.

For those seeking a versatile boat capable of handling diverse water conditions and activities, the Smoker Craft Adventurer 210 GLS Sport stands as a compelling option. With its solid construction, thoughtful design, and array of customizable features, it’s poised to elevate any aquatic adventure.

smoker craftSpecifications

LOA: 20 ft 8 in
Beam: 8 ft 6 in
Fuel Capacity: 48 gal
Weight: 2,080 lb. (approx.)
Passanger Capacity: 7/1,100 lbs
Power Range: 150 to 250 hp
MSRP: $90,016 USD (with a 250 hp outboard and trailer)

For more information: www.smokercraft.com

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